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What Makes India A Good Platform For Medical Tourism

People visit countries not only for entertainment or fun; sometimes it is their medical needs that bring them to a new country or a new city. This is called medical tourism. India is considered as a popular spot for this type of tourism. As per the experts within 2019 India will be one of the […]

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Tips On Finding The Best Hair Transplant Doctor Near You

Hair transplant becomes a very common form of treating hair fall issues nowadays. As the technology evolves, the pattern of treating hair damages or hair loss has changed a lot. In today’s world, the hair experts not only rely on medicines and injections. Rather; they come up with solutions which are partly surgical too. This […]

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Medical Tourism in India – Things You Must Know

The volume of medical tourists is increasing every year. Last year it was more than 5 million people who travel as a medical tourist all around the world. India is a country where the growth of medical tourism is very high. There are various super facility and multi-facility hospitals in India where people from the […]

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Janet Kanini, Stage IV cancer patients

38-Year-Old NTV Presenter Janet Kanini Explaines How She Managed To Defeat Deadly Stage 4 Cancer (Video)

Stage IV cancer patients have 6 months to a year to live since the relative survival rate is just 22%. Janet Kanini a stage 4 cancer patient survived. How??? She was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in India and she had to come back to Kenya for a 4 month chemotherapy treatment. Read More: www.ghafla.co.ke/blogs/music/7695-38-year-old-ntv-presenter-janet-kanini-explained-how-she-managed-to-defeat-deadly-stage-4-cancer-video

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We are Going to Witness a Historical Unprecedented Digital Revolution

Says Varun Arora, President, “Doctors Beyond Borders”. DBB is a division of Metro Group of Companies that is operating in 53 countries over 40 years with annual revenues exceeding $140 million USD. DBB encompasses multiple digital patient platforms that have been operational for approximately 2 years in India, during that time they have provided guidance to […]

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Stem Cell Transplantation for Different Types of Blood Cancer

Stem cell transplants or bone marrow transplants are considered to be an effective form of treatment for some types of cancer, namely leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma and neuroblastoma.  While high doses of chemotherapy and radiation are used widely to treat cancer, these forms of treatment, while killing the cancer cells, can also destroy the healthy […]

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Hepatitis-C Drug to Be Made Available in India at 1% Of The Cost in the USA

There is good news for patients being treated for Hepatitis C in India. The drug, Sovaldi, thought to be a breakthrough treatment for patients suffering from the disease, will now be made available in India at 1% the cost it is available in the USA.  The drug, Sofosbuvir, developed by US drugmaker, Gilead Sciences Inc. […]

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Treating Neurological Disorders Through Deep Brain Stimulation

Treating Neurological Disorders Through Deep Brain Stimulation

Cutting Edge Technology Blocking Electrical Signals That Cause Neurological Impairment What is Deep Brain Stimulation? Deep Brain Stimulation or DBS as it is commonly known is a medical procedure to treat neurological symptoms that are disabling for the human body. Using electrical impulses to stimulate target areas in the brain, DBS is a surgical procedure […]

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Hepatitis C Treatment In India

Hepatitis C Treatment Available In India at a Fraction of Global Costs

Hepatitis C is a disease of the liver, caused by the Hepatitis C virus. It is a blood borne virus and can be contracted through sharing of injection equipment, syringes and needles, transfusion of unscreened blood, sexual relationship with an infected person and also can pass on from an infected mother to her baby. The […]

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Treating Atrial Septal Defect In Children

Treating Atrial Septal Defect In Children

The story of Baby Amir’s recovery under the able medical help of Dr. Vikas Kohli Abdul Rahman Hussain and Mariam Ali are from Kenya, Africa. Their child, Amir, was diagnosed with a plethora of medical problems since birth. While there was an initial diagnosis of Down Syndrome, Amir suffered from fever constantly. After having been […]

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