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About Doctors Beyond Borders

Doctors Beyond Borders is a revolutionary patient centric medical services company that has built a comprehensive online portal that aggregates the top 1% of international hospitals and doctors sharing their treatment costs, patient reviews and instant online consultations for free. This organization services the needs of patients both with ease of information online and a patient concierge service offline at the hospital that they decide to choose for treatment ensuring the highest quality of care and transparency in costs. Our offline services include providing doctors and skill development for surgeons to international hospitals along with teleradiology/telemedicine solutions.

About Doctors Beyond Borders

Doctors Beyond Borders was founded by a director of the Metro Group of Companies that is passionate about improving the way the world gets care during life altering and life saving surgery. Metro Group is one of the largest organizations in Southeast Asia with over 40 years of success operating in 53 countries. The Metro Group is a 140 Million USD conglomerate and is partnered with some of the largest multinationals around the globe.

Doctors Beyond Borders

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Are Initial quotes or second opinions actually free?

Yes, for patients our online services are absolutely free. This is our unique service commitment to you. Your initial quote or a second opinion will always be free through Doctors Beyond Borders.

Are hospitals/doctors paying to be listed higher in my search results?

No. We have a simple meritocracy approach to listings, the most reviewed hospitals/doctors come first. This promotes transparency; we encourage patients to leave reviews so that you can help others.

How do the prices I see on this website compare to the prices these hospitals offer to their other patients?

You will never be charged more through Doctors Beyond Borders than if you book directly at the hospital - in fact you most likely will be charged less. We work as a patient advocate through various methods. Firstly if you require financial assistance we work with various charitable organizations to subsidize treatment wherever possible. If you are fortunate to be able to afford treatment, with our considerable influence and large number of patients booking through us at various hospitals we ensure the best price on treatment from the doctor and hospital. We stay involved every step of the way making sure you are taken care of. If you approach a hospital directly, you are literally on your own. Patients are also encouraged to review the hospital/doctor on our site to make sure that others benefit from your experience. This acts as a third party unbiased audit to the hospital care that patients receive.

Why is Doctors Beyond Borders doing this?

We believe that today is a great day to help someone heal! We want to give you more relevant information about your doctor or hospital than you’ll find anywhere else. Most products and services can be found online in one or a few clicks, why not life saving and life altering treatments? Well through this website, it now can be. What you see today is just the beginning; we have a tireless team of bright individuals that will transform healthcare in urban first world countries to the remotest regions of the developing world– stay tuned and join us on our journey to make a difference.

How does this Doctors Beyond Borders make money?

We make money by partnering with hospitals and doctors. Depending on the country, our hospitals/doctors may pay a small monthly fee and/or a small transaction fee everytime a patient books treatment through our website. We also make money from the advertisement space that we have on our website.

Doctors Beyond Borders