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A Successful Kidney Transplant - A Second Chance at Life


My name is Martha and I am from Kenya. Initially I was hypertensive and had high blood pressure. It was only after a year that I realized I had kidney failure because I started swelling. I started dialysis in 2007 and have been on dialysis ever since till I came to India in August 2014. That’s nearly eight years. I met Dr. Viji Rajkumari in Kenya during my dialysis. Dr. Viji Rajkumari told us about kidney transplant in India. I also met people from Kenya who came to India for a kidney transplant and was leading normal lives. They encouraged us to come to India. Many people from my country have undergone treatments with Dr. Viji Rajkumari and are leading better lives.

I saw them and chose Dr. Viji Rajkumari for my treatment. I loved coming to India and am now even getting used to the climate here. I am very satisfied with the hospital and treatment. Everything is very efficient here and the minute we arrived we were shown where to go and what to do. After two weeks of tests, they were preparing me for a transplant. I had lost hope earlier but now I have hope and can plan for a future. I am very happy and healthy. I am looking better. My original colour is back and I have also gained weight. It’s like being given a second chance at life. I want to tell people to get healed. When you have another chance of life, don’t give up.

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