Understanding Brain, Neck And Head Cancer With Renowned Oncologist, Dr. Hukku

Dr. Hukku, Senior Consultant and Chairman, Radiation and Oncology, talks of the various types of head, neck and brain cancer, the treatments available and its side effects. Q: What is cancer and oncology? Dr. Hukku: Cancer is the unruly development of human cells and oncology is the treatment of cancer. Normally cells grow to a particular […]

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Interview With Dr. Vijaya Rajkumari On Kidney Transplants

Dr. Vijaya Rajkumari, Senior Consultant Surgeon, Vascular Access, Laproscopy and Kidney Transplantation talks about the kidney transplant process and its various components. Q: Could you please explain to us the stages of kidney failure? Dr. Rajkumari: Today kidney failure is on the rise. Our modern day lifestyles and other lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension […]

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