Janet Kanini, Stage IV cancer patients

38-Year-Old NTV Presenter Janet Kanini Explaines How She Managed To Defeat Deadly Stage 4 Cancer (Video)

Stage IV cancer patients have 6 months to a year to live since the relative survival rate is just 22%. Janet Kanini a stage 4 cancer patient survived. How??? She was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in India and she had to come back to Kenya for a 4 month chemotherapy treatment. Read More:

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Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals In India

The Best Kidney Transplant Hospitals In India

Ailments related to the kidney can be complicated and life threatening and requires accurate and proper diagnosis at a good medical institute or hospital. India offers a wide range of hospitals and treatments of kidney ailments at competitive costs and has emerged as one of the top hubs for treatments, with even foreign nationals traveling […]

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4 Easy ways to reverse heart disease in 4 weeks!

If your suffering from a pre-existing heart condition but are not in need of bypass surgery or an angioplasty then provide some easy steps you can take to start reversing the process that has put you at risk.  If you have a pre-disposition, i.e. genetic factors that make you more likely to suffer from […]

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