There is good news for patients being treated for Hepatitis C in India. The drug, Sovaldi, thought to be a breakthrough treatment for patients suffering from the disease, will now be made available in India at 1% the cost it is available in the USA.  The drug, Sofosbuvir, developed by US drugmaker, Gilead Sciences Inc. will now be sold in India under the brand name Sovaldi. The full therapy for 12 weeks starts from  $2100 USD, a fraction of the cost at which it is sold in the US for approximately Rs. 50 lakh ($84000) for the same period. You can contact Doctors Beyond Borders for more information: +919-71199-5108

According to reports, more than 150 million people are affected by Hepatitis-C globally. The licenses, allowing this drug to be manufactured and sold at a cheaper price across countries, will allow people suffering from this disease access to a drug that is considered to be a breakthrough in the field and is otherwise considered unaffordable.

Natco Pharma is the first Indian company to have received approval from the Drug Controller General in India to market this drug being called Hepcinat, through its network of partners.

Natco has also entered into a non-exclusive licensing agreement with the US company to produce and sell versions of this medicine in 91 countries worldwide. Natco launched the drug first in Nepal in March 2015 and is expected to roll-out in India in June 2015.

With expectations running high, Sovaldi has already proved to be worth its reputation, and is already one of the highest sold drugs globally. According to Thomson Reuters Cortellis, Sovaldi was expected to have sales exceeding USD 11 billion in 2014 itself.

Patients coming into India through Doctors Beyond Borders will also be able to access this drug through the course of treatment, doctors and hospitals they find through the organization.

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