The volume of medical tourists is increasing every year. Last year it was more than 5 million people who travel as a medical tourist all around the world. India is a country where the growth of medical tourism is very high. There are various super facility and multi-facility hospitals in India where people from the neighboring countries often visit to get treatment. The future of India’s healthcare and economy depends on this sector to a great extent.

If you are also planning to visit this beautiful country with the aim of having medical treatment or facilities, then you must know some important things about Medical Tourism in India.

Why Select India For Medical Tourism?

In Asia, India is considered as one of the top three medical tourism destinations after Thailand and Singapore. The main reason for choosing the country is the low-cost service the hospitals and doctors can provide to the patients. When you compare a particular medical service in India with that of in the UK or the USA, then you can see that there is a huge difference. Moreover, the cost of staying and having meals in Indian hotels is also very nominal in comparison to any other countries. Apart from these, there are other reasons too.

  • Through the medical tourism in India, you can obtain doctors beyond borders who are extremely skilled, experienced and highly qualified in their subjects. Thus you can expect a good treatment from them.
  • There are lots of multi-specialty hospitals in India where you can get advanced treatment.
  • In Indian hospitals, the waiting period to get the calls from the doctors for a certain treatment is nominal too.

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Is This Country Safe?

It is true that certain parts of this country suffer from terrorist activities, but most of the regions are completely safe for the medical tourists. There are lots of comfortable and budget hotels where you can stay as long as you want. The top hospitals in this country are located in regions which are easy to access. You can stay nearby hotels or lodges, so that visit the doctors or the patients admitted in the hospitals regularly. However, women travelers should avoid roaming at night because this is not a very safe country for solo women travelers.

What About The Healthcare System In India?

With the passing course of time, the Indian healthcare system has developed a lot and that have a great impact on the Medical Tourism in Delhi. Now the Indian hospitals are ready to offer the superior quality health care services to the patients at an affordable cost. The country provides affordable, effective as well as top quality medical care to the patients. At the same time, there are hospitals where you can get special medical treatments, trauma care, and advanced surgical solutions as well.

Indian doctors are highly qualified, skilled and experienced in diagnosing and treating critical health issues in an easy manner. They try all the latest medical processes to provide relief from the issues as soon as possible. This is the reason India becomes one of the most trusted names in the industry of medical tourism in Asia.

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