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The Simplicity of a Single Incision Sleeve Gastrectomy


I searched the internet extensively and looked up more than a dozen people, places and websites. Doctors Beyond Borders seemed most professional and promising. As someone looking for a bariatric surgery I was sending out my information to as many people as I could because I was trying to reach out. I was convinced about bariatric surgery because conventional weight loss procedures weren’t working for a number of years. However, I must be honest that till the point I committed myself to doing this, there was still a margin for me wanting to turn around and run away. It’s too daunting.

What attracted me to Doctors Beyond Borders was that they were the first to respond in the most professional manner. I got a call personally from the head of the organization and not a consultant and that was very comforting. They bridged the gap and took away any room for doubt. They helped me with everything- from air tickets, to visas, doctors, hospitals, even food that I should eat while in India and providing all the necessary comfort that I would need. They made it so much easier for me and I wasn’t confused about whether I should go ahead or not.  Their support made me want to come to India soon and get this surgery, known as Single Incision Sleeve Gastrectomy, done. Doctors Beyond Borders made me feel like my father was holding my hand throughout this journey. I felt sheltered, protected and guided. Doctors Beyond Borders changed something in a deep part of my life.


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