The story of Baby Amir’s recovery under the able medical help of Dr. Vikas Kohli

Abdul Rahman Hussain and Mariam Ali are from Kenya, Africa. Their child, Amir, was diagnosed with a plethora of medical problems since birth. While there was an initial diagnosis of Down Syndrome, Amir suffered from fever constantly. After having been put through several tests, doctors in Kenya diagnosed him with a heart condition. As it would do to any parent, Abdul and Mariam’s world was shattered and it was then that they were told about Doctors Beyond Borders (DBB) by Abdul’s uncle. Abdul instantly reached out to DBB to look for medical help for their child and with the help of DBB decided to come to India to get baby Amir treated.

Dr. Vikas Kohli, Paediatric Cardiologist, MBBS, MD, FAAP, FACC, at the BLK Hospital in Delhi heard about Amir from DBB. When he was shown the papers, he realized that at just a mere 10 months of age, Amir had a severe heart condition. He had a hole in the heart, had heart failure and wasn’t growing. When Dr. Kohli first saw Amir, he wasn’t prepared for what he saw. Amir was very small in size as compared to his age and this left Dr. Kohli perplexed about how Amir would be able to undergo the heart surgery he required. To make matters worse, the hole in the heart was 1.5 cm in size, making it one of the larger holes than is commonly seen in a baby his age.

On further inspection Dr. Kohli realized that it was more than just a hole in the heart. Amir was a trisomy 21 Down Syndrome baby which made the case more complex since. Dr. Kohli with his vast experience of dealing with cardiac complexities in children knew that this would be a difficult case to handle but he and his team geared up to treat Amir with cutting edge technology in medicine and do the best they could.

Having considered all options available Dr. Kohli decided that the best way to treat Amir would be through surgical repair of the Atrial Septal Defect that the baby suffered from. Amir weighed too less to be taken to the cath lab for a devise closure of the Atrial Septal Defect. Amir was put through heart repair surgery the very next day after being admitted into hospital.

For the procedure followed by Dr. Kohli, the baby’s chest was opened and the heart was put on a heart lung machine. This entailed the heart being stopped medically and opened to repair the hole with a patch made from tissue from the baby’s body itself, a plastic membrane surrounding the heart. Once the procedure is done, the heart is closed again and re-started with the heart lung machine being stopped post. The entire procedure was successfully done under the supervision of Dr. Kohli and the expertise of his team who have dealt with many such children before. Amir underwent a steady successful recovery, even being taken off the ventilator the very next day, thanks to the brilliant execution by Dr. Kohli and his team.

When Abdul and Mariam came to India, they thought a difficult procedure such as this would take them a really long time and prepared to be in India atleast for a month. However, the entire process took them only ten days and with the help of DBB they were also given a package that was affordable. They were also pleasantly surprised when they were even refunded a certain amount that they thought they would need initially.

Dr. Kohli’s procedure on Amir has ensured that Amir will not require any heart treatment ever again in his life and will be ok for the next 50-75 years without any worries. While the Down Syndrome cannot be treated, Dr. Kohli is confident that Amir has been cured of his heart ailment forever and will never need any medical intervention in that respect.

DBB works extensively with specialists and hospitals across the country, acting as a bridge between them and patients who require the best medical care at affordable rates.

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