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Treating Colon Cancer in India


My mother was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. The reports showed Stage 2 of the cancer and we needed a partner who could help us with information. There is no information widely available about which hospital and doctor could help patients like my mum the best so that we could make an informed decision. We found many people online but Doctors Beyond Borders stood out for us because of their responsiveness. They were very professional and that gave us comfort that we were dealing with the right people. They not only sent out the lab results to different hospitals but also asked us what we wanted out of the treatment and what we were looking for as a family. We wanted the best medical care for my mother and also the most cost-effective one.  The hospitals Doctor Beyond Borders put us in touch with told us my mother had stage 1 of colon cancer and not stage 2 like the Kenyan hospital had told us. That gave us a lot of hope. All the three hospitals Doctors Beyond Borders put us in touch with suggested we do a PET Scan. Only two African countries have PET Scans and it’s not available in Kenya. So according to cost comparisons, India and Asia in general beat all those costs and also had much more experience than the African markets.

We took a decision to travel to India and with the help of Doctors Beyond Borders my mother could start her chemotherapy the same day in India as she was advised to start in Kenya. The doctor who dealt with my mum in India had dealt with over 4000 similar cases and confirmed it was Stage 1 cancer and now she is cancer free. That’s the best news for us a family. For my mother to be treated by someone so experienced was a seller. It told me that Doctors Beyond Borders knew what they were doing and knew their statistics. It was so much easier for us to make the right decision because of Doctors Beyond Borders.

The services provided by Doctors Beyond Borders beyond just medical services is also amazing. Right from organizing visas to accommodation, everything was taken care of. What was even more amazing was that Doctors Beyond Borders do not charge for these extra services. These are guys who are seeking to change the world. They are doing it in their small way but when you ask a patient and their family, it is such a relief to know that you are being taken care of. They are like a second family.

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