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Treating Prostrate Cancer in India


My name is Michael Mambo. I am 53 years old and from Nairobi, Kenya in Africa. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the end of August. I had gone for a checkup and in that process they noticed that my PSA was very high and diagnosed me with Prostate Cancer after some tests. We did research on the internet and opted to work with Doctors Beyond Borders. We sent them my test results and they gave us options of various treatments. Doctors Beyond Borders recommended me to several hospitals and different doctors and asked me to choose. I chose my doctor based on the cost and the duration of the stay required in India. I chose to come to New Delhi and get treated at the Max Hospital by Dr. Prof. Anand Kumar. We chose him because of his experience of 25 years. That acted as a catalyst in our choice. Dr. Anand Kumar was so sure about the treatment I required. He gave me two options, told me which was the best and didn’t want to flinch from that. I followed his instructions and followed what he said and I think all is going to be well. He told me that the chances of the recurrence of this disease is very slim and that gave me a lot of confidence.

Doctors Beyond Borders helped us a lot. They arranged for everything- the hospital, accommodation, transport to and from the hospital and they would be constantly in touch with us. Their support and recommendations also ensured that I ended up paying less than the original price quoted to me for my treatment. They would come to see me at the hospital every day and make sure that all was going well. I would like to tell anybody diagnosed with any disease is that they should do thorough research and contact Doctors Beyond Borders because they will give you the best treatment at the best price possible. That is a guarantee.


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