Privacy Policy

Last Updated: June 1, 2014
Yes another legal document to understand, don’t worry like the terms of use, we have wrote in simple English!We want you to know that we value your privacy, please see what we do to try and maintain it.If you have any questions you may contact us.
This privacy policy and the terms of use act as a binding agreement between Doctors Beyond Borders (hereafter referred to as DBB) and the website user.

1. Our Policy

The information herein relates to DBB and solely our policy, it does not reflect the policies or procedures of other websites or healthcare service providers that you may contact through the DBB website.

2. Privacy of a child

We protect children. No information of a minor shall be collected from a minor, at times a minor may need the use of the information from our website, in this situations, a legal guardian may transmit information regarding the child to the healthcare service provider only for the benefit of the child.

3. Users information.

DBBuses private and public information differently. Public information includes information in blogs, forums, questions and answers that may be posted in public on the website. This may be displayed publicly in the relevant section with the users providing it and fully understanding that this information is for public consumption. Private information includes personal private medical information that has been sent via DBB to healthcare service providers or personally identifiable information. This information will not be publicly displayed. It will be however passed along to the healthcare service provider as requested by the user for the benefit of the user to receive a treatment plan from one or multiple hospitals and/or doctors. DBB does not share or disclose users private information with third parties for any reason.

4. Security

DBB will work diligently to maintain all private information through offline and electronic security initiatives. We will update these at different times to maintain the highest standard of care to our users.

5. Non-private information automatically collected from website users

A users access to our website will automatically send information to us about the user. This includes, cookies and traffic data about where a user came from to our site. The intention of this is to aid the functionality of our site for the user – to optimize their experience and for further analysis by our management team on how to improve the users ability to get relevant information that they are looking for. This information cannot be used by us to identify you but it tells us generally about where people are coming from, how they found our website, how long do they stay on our website, what they like to see on our site, etc. This information will be used to enhance your user experience.

6. DBB Communication

DBB will contact users from time to time based on the contact information provided. This communication will be for information that may be of relevance to the user based on the information requested. It may include the quotations or consultations that a user has asked for. The communication to a user may also provide other offers or newsletters from time to time along with changes to any of our policies or something similar. As a user you have an ability to opt-out of all non-essential communication, please notify us by contacting us or responding to the communication in the appropriate hyperlink.

7. Government/Statutory requirements for disclosure

If a legal body requires DBB to disclose information then DBB will attempt to notify the user about the request of legally permitted to do so. DBB will attempt to contact the user as soon as possible at the given email address. DBB is not responsible for this requirement of disclosure and the consequences of this disclosure. The likelihood of this arising is quite rare but if a situation does arise DBB will attempt to inform the user about the disclosure, if allowed by law.

8. Healthcare service provider’s privacy policy

DBB is not privy to the care with which Healthcare service providers protect the privacy of their consumers. DBB further does not audit their privacy procedures. DBB will try its best to maintain the privacy of its users however we cannot be held responsible nor are we liable for what the healthcare service provider does with the information that a user consents to have passed along to the various doctors and/or hospitals that users are requesting information from.

9. Privacy policy changes

DBB may change its privacy policy or update its clauses at any time in the future. We will notify our users of these changes either via email or through a notification on our website.

10. Any questions

Have anything specific to ask us? Contact us and we would love to answer your queries.