Terms of Use

Last Updated: June 1, 2014
We know you hate reading legalese so we have tried to write in as simple language as possible. As a user of our great website, you have certain rules (terms of use) to follow, please stop now, take some time and read this before continuing to enjoy our site. If you have any questions you may contact us.
This along with our privacy policy acts as a binding agreement between Doctors Beyond Borders (hereafter referred to as DBB) and the website user.

1. DBB does not provide the medical or other healthcare advice the hospital or doctor does.

DBB is an online aggregator website, we connect the patient with the hospital and doctors you are looking for. Do not rely on the information on this website or what users have written on our website as medical and healthcare advice. The content contained in this site is for educational purposes and is information that can lead you to the right healthcare provider but should not be solely relied on for seeking treatment. If you do rely on any information through our site by a doctor or hospital or healthcare company, you do so solely at your own risk. Your relationship for medical advice is between you and the health care service provider and not between you and DBB. Content for the purposes of this site includes but is not limited to videos, pictures, text and graphics.

2. We work for transparency and not for the hospital or specific doctors.

DBB does not recommend or suggest any specific treatment, doctor or hospital. As a user you understand and agree that DBB cannot realistically investigate all the information regarding doctors and hospitals in regards to their expertise and their educational credentials and their local accreditation. Also, this may change from time to time, as we are aware of those changes we will make best efforts to reflect them on our website but we are not responsible if the information we are relying on is incorrectly given, knowingly or unknowingly.

3. Any content that a user provides

As a user of this website, should you post, comment, leave a video, picture, graphics or in any way submit anything to our site, you assume all responsibility for that information. Further you understand that subject to our policy on privacy, DBB is not under any obligation to keep what you submit as confidential, in actual fact your submissions will be public and viewable by any users of our website. We can reject what you write or ask you to change it if we find the information does not meet our code of conduct, follow our rules and guidelines or is illegal, defamatory or libelous in nature. We assume no liability for acting or not acting regarding content that you are providing as a user. Further when you submit information to our site in the public or non-public area you are giving us a non-exclusive, indefinite, worldwide authorization to use that information for no compensation to you ever. DBB and/or its affiliates can use this information within its websites and other marketing material online or offline at any time whenever it chooses to in any medium that exists today or may exist in the future.
If you submit a request for information or quote from hospital(s) or doctor(s) this is subject to our policy on privacy but you are making this submission voluntarily and if you do reveal personal information that it is done knowingly and this information will then be accessible to a healthcare provider and DBB is not responsible for what happens to it in the hands of the healthcare provider or any of their representatives.
You cannot post on our website anything that violates any regional or international laws, is harassing to other people, supports a political position, is marketing a company or business, is an impersonation of another and any other such thing that DBB may choose to be a violation of our rules and regulations.

4. Any content that you rely on

DBB takes no responsibility for information provided by any other user of our website including but not limited to healthcare service providers and third party users. Nor does DBB suggest, recommend or endorse any specific hospital, doctor or treatment. The listed doctors and hospitals do not work for DBB, we take no responsibility of the communication they provide your or the recommendations that they make. If you find anything a user has put on our site as offensive, you have two options, you may choose not to view it or you may notify us. If we feel it violates our terms of use and guidelines we will remove it but we make no guarantee or confirmation that we will see the content from the same perspective that you do.

5. Users obligations

Users are responsible for how they use this website.
The website user is responsible for the decision to use this website, including any and all Services of DBB, and to separately seek any medical and/or other healthcare attention if required. Users may use the website to post reviews based on personal experiences and to communicate with other users on the website or seek treatment from doctors and hospitals.

We encourage users to use our website to help others in selecting a healthcare provider, this is fundamental to our unique service that we are working very hard to provide. Unfortunately, other users may try to undermine the transparency in the industry that we are trying to foster and thus we take false/fraudulent reviews very seriously. Please note that users may not advertise products or exaggerate positive experiences or promote a specific doctor or hospital for money. Users may not promote someone they are related to, work for, work with, or a company they own. Nor can they market experiences with healthcare service providers for any form of compensation or fee. If you do not follow these rules you understand that you are undermining the customer experience transparency model that DBB has worked diligently to create. DBB will suffer significant harm from these false/fraudulent reviews and DBB will fine you $10,000 USD for any such violation and pursue any legal recourse available to DBB.

Users also may not post anything that is obscene, defaming, libelous, disrespectful, racist, false, sexist or any way harmful to anyone. We also do not allow you to post your personal contact details for confidential reasons. Users may also not market any medial advice or treatment procedures on our website to other users. Further, users may not use our website for their own commercial purposes by directing people to any online or offline non – DBB related website. Users will not use any malicious software or files that is harmful to DBB or other users.

If you have a complaint about another user to the site, please contact us. DBB will take appropriate action.

A user is responsible for his/her password protection and other login details. If a user believes that someone is impersonating them or their security has been breached, please contact us immediately to rectify the situation.

A user acknowledges that use of the DBB site will be for non-commercial purposes and you will not use it to gather information or data for other businesses or as an agent for another business. Violation of this will be pursued through all and any legal means necessary by the management at DBB.

A user upon submitting his email address for services offered by the DBB website, consents to receive emails from DBB which may be commercial or marketing in nature. You may unsubscribe from these emails but if you are an accountholder and have signed up, you may still get account related emails.

6. Links to/from other sites online.

DBB at times may have links to other sites and/or you may have come to DBB through another website. DBB takes no responsibility for this third party websites. DBB does not endorse them, nor does it take any liability for the content, links, data, information, etc that a user may or may not rely on at the third party website. A user indemnifies DBB for any loss at a third party website, the user is visiting third party websites at their own discretion.

7. Warranty Disclaimer

The website is used on an as is, where is basis. This includes all faults, wherever you find them, as available. DBB will not make any warranties to the content or the DBB website.DBB disclaims all warranties, guarantees that may be expressed or implied.
DBB will not be responsible to users or anyone for actions, treatments, decisions made by any party in reliance on the content or other information about healthcare service providers or treatments that are posted on the DBB website or its affiliated websites or is available as a service through DBB.

8. Liability Limit

DBB limitation of liability means that DBB will not be liable to users or anyone for any damages which may be direct or indirect, punitive, special, incidental even if DBB was aware of the chance or likelihood of damages. The extent of any liability to DBB will be the amount the user has paid to DBB for any particular service for which and by which the damage may occur. DBB will not be liablefor any attorney costs, expenses, injury, death and trauma arising from any treatment or procedure from any healthcare service provider. This waiver of liability extends to any negligent, intentional or unintentional, errors and/or omissions by any healthcare service provider and/or their related and non related entities including but not limited to laboratories, pharmacies, pharmaceuticals, mental health counselors, doctors, surgeons, nurses and administrative staff.


DBB has worked hard on its intellectual property. DBB and its affiliated entities owns all video, written text, photos, designs, unique website code and all other components of the DBB website and services. DBB is the owner of any/all all trademarks and other intellectual property in every jurisdiction of the world associated with DBB including its content and services. You will not be allowed to reverse engineer, replicate, copy, in whole or in part any intellectual property of DBB without our express written consent. You will be pursued to the fully extent of the law if you try to reproduce, copy, try to create any work based on our unique proprietary concept or technology.


If a user believes that any item has infringed their copyright or any other intellectual property violation, please notify DBB immediately.

DBB urges you to please provide in writing:

a) the work that you believe violates your intellectual property. b) a statement as to how/why it infringes your intellectual property. c) swear/attest that the statement you are making is accurate as the owner or a representative of the owner of the intellectual property. d) provide contact information so we my correspond with you to rectify the situation immediately

11. Termination of service to user

If DBB believes or has reason to believe or has suspicion that a user is or will or might violate this agreement, DBB can unilaterally suspend or terminate the account of the user on the DBB website. If DBB does terminate a users account all the indemnity of the user remains and all obligations of the user shall survive.

12. Indemnification

The user agrees to indemnify DBB and its affiliated companies, directors, shareholders, owners, management, staff and/or related entities from any and al liability, damages, demand claims and legal fees made by any party that comes from use of the DBB or related sites, the use of DBB’s services and/or contravening this agreement.